Things To Do In Santa Ana, CA

How to Find Santa Ana’s Best Attractions

Being the county seat of the much-adored Orange County, Santa Ana is one of the most visited cities in Southern California. It is safe to say that the city is home to some of the most coveted attractions in the county. If you are visiting Orange County for business or vocational reasons, Santa Ana city is one of the few locations you cannot afford to miss. Below is a list of activities and locations that you might want to consider exploring in Santa Ana, CA:

Spend a day at the Discovery Cube

If you are traveling to Santa Ana with the kids, the first place you must visit is the iconic Discovery Cube. Apart from having a one-of-a-kind ten-story solar cube, the facility is also home to more than 100 hands-on science exhibits that will entertain and educate the kids. The highlights of the facility include the Dynamic Earth section, Quake Zone, the Air and Space section, and Rocket Lab section. Bring your kids and let them play their way to scientific knowledge.


Learn about different cultures at the Bowers Museum

Considered one of the most visited museums in Orange County, Bowers Museum is dedicated to showcasing and promoting cultural diversity. The facility features thousands of cultural items from Asia, the South Pacific and Africa. Other notable exhibits include a wide collection of Pre-Columbian and Native American art. Bowers Museum is also home to Kidseum, a very popular children’s museum in Orange County.


Explore the wild side of Santa Ana

For a thrilling adventure, visit the extensive Santa Ana Zoo which sits on a 20-acre piece of land within Prentice Park. The facility showcases various plants and animals species including greater rheas, giant anteaters, howler monkeys, and green iguanas among other animals in their natural habitat. Kids also have the option of exploring the zoo through different unique rides. If you are not into wild animals, you can always take advantage of the many other attraction and activities available at Prentice Park.

Visit the historic Lyon Air Museum

Whether you are a history buff, an automobile enthusiast or a just curious tourist, a visit to the Lyon Air Museum will surely be worth your time. The museum showcases some of the military vehicles, aircraft, and motorcycles that were deployed during the Second World War. There are also some vintage automobiles memorabilia related to the war.


Santa Ana city also offers easy access to nearby attractions including the Mile Square Regional Park in the neighboring Fountain Valley city and other in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

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