Known as LBC by locals, Long Beach, California, is home to half a million people a few miles south of Downtown LA. But there’s no need of going to Los Angeles to find things to do and places to visit when you get to Long Beach.


The city is famous for its urban waterfront that houses lots of attractions that include the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. With so much to do and so many places to visit, you might forget the small-town feel of Long Beach. Even when it is the sixth-largest city in California, you’ll still find wide open and bike-friendly streets, active neighborhood associations, and artist collectives.


The metropolis has more music and cultural festivities than any other city in Southern California. Music is everywhere from the city’s dive bars to the live music arenas that launched careers of famous bands. Here are a few attractions you’ll want to check out when you get to Long Beach.


The Queen Mary


The luxury ocean liner is now permanently docked in Long Beach city. There are rumors of hauntings on the ship. You might get to confirm if this is the case during one of the many nighttime ghost tours if you’re not afraid of the case.


You can also book an overnight stay at the ship’s staterooms and enjoy breakfast, a tour, or an excursion to Catalina Island. Make sure you check out Sir Winston’s lounge, the observation bar, and the Chelsea Chowder House before you leave the ocean liner.


Visit the Fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific


Connect with your inner Aquaman at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Located on Rainbow Harbor in Downtown Long Beach the Aquarium is home to over 12,000 pacific coast creatures. Here you get to see puffins, penguins, sea lions, sea otters, and seals. If you’re feeling a bit handsy, you can nurse a shark, touch a moon jelly, play around with or play around with a stingray. The lorikeet forest is another popular exhibit where visitors get to feed birds.


Spend Some Time at the Beach


You also want to dig your feet into the seven-mile beach and check out some of the things happening there. You can try your hand at skating, biking, or kiteboarding. Don’t expect to hang on a ten here because a breakwater shelters the beach.  But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun and trying out some crazy stunts. Just be careful not to wipe out too often.

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