Another beautiful and sunny day in the beautiful State of California and you are wondering what to do? Well, the options are simply inexhaustible. If you stay or live in Anaheim, there are numerous activities guaranteed to keep the entire family entertained every day of the week. Located just outside Los Angeles city, and close to the coastline, Anaheim offers a little bit of everything the Californian coast is known for; there is shortage of great places to visit during your free time. Below are some places and things you should consider exploring during your stay in Anaheim, CA:


Visit Disneyland California – The home of it all

Located in Anaheim, Disneyland is a destination that never disappoints. Whether you’re spending the day in the neighborhood and want to relive some childhood fun or if your trip to California is specifically to visit the historic Magic Kingdom, a day at Disney will never leave you exhausted from fun. Complete with various parks and hundreds of rides and attractions each celebrating a Disney character and milestone, a getaway to Disney is a great way to spend the day with family and friends!


Catch a ball game!

The Anaheim Angels are based in Anaheim, CA and there is no better way to spend your afternoon than cheering the Angels. Angles Stadium also referred to as “The Big A” also served as the home grounds to the NFL team the LA Rams, but since their relocation to St. Louis, the stadium is all Angles, through and through. Located in the heart of Anaheim on Gene Autry Way, the stadium is a must-see whether or not a match is in play.



Ask any Orange County resident where the best shopping is and they’re direct your straight to The Shops at Anaheim. Located next to Disney and the majestic Anaheim Convention Center, this extensive outdoor shopping area is the perfect destination for shopaholics and outdoorsy people. This center has something for everyone from bowling, and upscale shopping to high-end restaurants and small walk in eateries that will satisfy any taste and preferences.

From a day at the original Disneyland to a whole new world of shopping, Anaheim is by far one of the best places to live in or visit on the Californian coast. The city is also located in the proximity of both Huntington Beach and Long Beach cities which offer a whole new level of fun beach activities.


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