Huntington Beach, CA is a beautiful waterfront city on the sunny coast of southern California. The city is popularly known as “Surf City” with surfing being one of the most popular recreational activities in the area. However, there is more to this beautiful city that just surfing. Huntington Beach is home to a fast-growing population of a little over 200,000 inhabitants and its location between San Diego and Los Angeles make it a gateway to hundreds of attraction within southern California. The city features over 8 miles of elegant sandy beaches and over 100 parks, recreational facilities and green spaces. Below are some fun activities and attractions to explore during your stay in this picturesque beach town:


Sunbathe on the beach

Huntington has unobstructed views throughout the entire length of the beach, and you can always find somewhere to relax and sunbathe as you enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. All you have to do is drive a few blocks down the Pacific Coast Highway on either side of the pier and you can find your own bit of beach regardless of the season.


Attend local event or festival

Huntington Beach offers a lot of unique annual events that would more than fun to be part of. The Independence Day Parade on Main Street is something you should really experience.  The locals go at it with the fantastic floats and display and the parade is always packed to the fullest as people seek to become part of the fun. Halloween is also another must see, the local stores all get involved and dress up for the occasion, they give out treats to the kids and make it a fun experience for everyone.


Go shopping

If shopping is your thing, you are in luck because Huntington Beach has plenty of that too. You would, of course, expect surf and sports shops, but there are many restaurants and boutiques as well as huge shopping plazas and malls. If you need a visit to the bigger chain type stores then you only have to take a short drive back down Main Street to find pretty much every shop and restaurant you have ever heard of.

If you want other things to do in the local area then there are many local Southern California attractions including Disneyland, California Adventure, Knotts Berry Farm and Soak City. There are also some big shopping malls and plazas like Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza. From enjoying unobstructed views of the ocean from the Pier and surfing in the ocean to exploring the beautiful Huntington Beach State Park, Huntington Beach City has everything you could ever wish to see or do in your vacation.


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