Wall Foam Treatment

Termite Wall Foam Treatment

While drilling holes can help to really hit the termites at their source on finished wood surfaces, we try to avoid doing so unless absolutely necessary and have methods of working around that so it doesn’t have to be done or only needs to be done minimally. For these types of jobs, we offer a wall foam that can penetrate areas that may not be as easy to access. If this is the treatment option that is selected, our licensed professional technicians will use specially pressurized tanks filled with our registered foaming agents to fill the open spaces within the walls. In doing so, we can avoid needlessly tearing down your drywall as well, making for a clean, painless job. When injecting foam into these areas, it can get down to the concrete slab of the house’s foundation, ensuring that no area goes untouched.

In addition, compared to liquid termiticides, foam treatments aren’t watery and won’t cause damage to the appearance of the affected area in the way that a liquid might. Another benefit of foam treatment is that it can be used outdoors as well to treat wooden landscaping and structures such as decks, patios, gazebos, fencing, retaining walls, sheds, bridges, and more.


Foam treatments are a superb option for drywood termites in particular. Because they build their nests within the wood and create kick holes, these can be the perfect place to inject foam treatment, so that it really penetrates the area and takes care of the problem head-on. If you’re fortunate enough to have caught them early on, they may still be a small colony that hasn’t spread yet and are all dwelling within one area, such as a piece of wood or furniture.


Wall Foam Advantages


The biggest difference between foam treatment and a simple liquid termiticide treatment is that the liquid treatment can be extremely hard to get to the center of the nests, as it just does not fill all of the galleries and spaces, depending on the size of the problem. With the foam, however, once it’s injected into the affected area, it fills all of the spaces and cavities rapidly, leaving no area untouched, which ensures that the treatment is fully effective. The foam has the ability to expand much larger than its initial size, which forces it up through every crevice and gallery so that there’s no possible way for the little critters to make an escape.

Another unique thing about the foam is that it is not a repellent. Because of this, termites will stay and continue to eat the wood, which is now poisonous. This guarantees that even if some managed to avoid the foam initially, once they come back for dinner, it will be their last meal. This form of treatment can also offer insulation that can cut off the air supply. Foam treatments kill on the spot, so unlike fumigation treatments, they are quick and much less inconvenient for you and your family.


Once the treatment has been completed, the foam dissipates over the course of a few hours, but its effects leave a residue that can continue treating the area for years after. Because of its ability to reach and fill every nook, cranny, and gallery, this makes it particularly effective in not only eradicating the issue but making sure the little pests stay gone for a long time to come. According to appliance repair Eugene one of the most common reasons for damage to appliances is from rodents. Conveniently, termites make access so much easier to the home by weakening wood and/or creating holes that provide immediate access for critters to enter your home. Consequently we should realize that it’s not just the direct impact on our timber, but everything in and around our homes that are under attack.

We understand that any sort of treatment is a major issue and can be extremely disruptive to you and your family’s lives during an already stressful time. This is why we believe that it is so important to do our best to ensure that the process is as painless as possible for you. In utilizing the foam treatment, we do our best to keep our treatments affordable and minimally invasive so that it doesn’t continue to be a costly inconvenience.

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