Termite Tenting with Vikane Gas

If you find that you have termites in your home, you will want to do everything that you can to get rid of them. Termites are very destructive and multiply quickly. If you do not treat your home for the termites, it could lead to your home being severely damaged. Many people have experienced having to replace floor joists and more from termite damage. Some people think that you can just treat termites by injecting termiticides into the wood and around the home. Some treatment options often include localized heat treatment. However, this treatment will not be effective if the termites are not easily located. Some infestations take place deep in the house. The only way to make sure that you get rid of all the termites is to have your home fumigated.



How Does Fumigation Work?

When you find that you are infested with termites, you need to call a trained pest management professional. Never try to treat the termites yourself. You will just end up spending a lot of money to fight an infestation that you will not get rid of. A pest management expert will be able to determine how bad your infestation is. If your professional pest expert determines that your home needs to be fumigated, they will let you know and get started on the process.

During the process, you will be asked to leave your home. Your pets will also need to leave the home as well. Your home will be tented with tarps. This will keep the fumigant from leaving your home. Once your home is tented, the fumigant will be pumped it. It will then circulate throughout your home. It will be able to reach every crack and crevice within your home. The termites will breathe in the fumes from the fumigate. This will attack their nervous system, causing death quickly.

The pest expert will then monitor the fumigate exposure. Once the infested areas are dealt with, the tent will be removed. Once the tent is removed, the fumigant will disperse into the air. You can expect that the fumigate will need at least six hours to leave the home after the process has ended.

Typically, the fumigation process can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. This time will depend on the size of your home. The weather may also affect the time that it takes to fumigate your home. After the time frame is up, the pest control expert will test each room of your home. This test will tell them whether or not the fumigant has cleared the home. This test will allow them to determine when you can reenter your home. You will need to make sure that you follow the pest experts’ instructions before going back into your home. You do not need to worry about residues in your home and on household items as there is no residue left by fumigation.

Is Fumigation Effective?

Fumigation of termites is effective to get rid of an active termite colony infestation. This process does not prevent termites from coming back into your home. To prevent termites from reappearing, cracks and exposed wood need to be sealed. Your pest control expert can offer you a preventive maintenance plan that will help to ensure that the termites do not return. Fumigation does completely remove the existing colony quickly. You will not see any live termites after this process. Your pest control expert will be able to confirm this by looking for signs of dead termites. If you do get infested with termites, your pest control specialist can start the fumigation process again to get rid of the infestation.

If you see termites, it is best to not delay getting treatment. The quicker that you begin treatment for termites, the faster that they can get rid of the infestation. This will mean less time for the termites to do any damage to your home. If you are interested in getting your home fumigated, please give us a call today. We will be able to determine the level of infestation you have, and if you need the fumigation process, we can get started immediately. Do not let your home be damaged by termites, call us today.


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