Attic Blast Treatment

Protect Your Attic from Termite Damage


When termites seek out homes to build their nests in and feast upon, they aren’t picky. Both exposed and unexposed wood in your attic provide lovely living and dining options for them, and they’ll take advantage the moment they see an opportunity. Something else to be aware of is that wood isn’t the only item that termites go for. If you have cardboard, books, or even paper lying around, they’ll go to it like a moth drawn to a flame. Storing your prized possessions in a tightly sealed plastic container can be a huge help, but that’s not all you can do. Even if you’ve had your home and attic treated, they know what they like and will eventually return. In order to help prevent this from becoming a recurring nightmare, we offer an attic blast service that will shield your home from these pests for years to come.


The attic blast is one of our specialties, and we are ready and equipped to serve and protect any attic space, no matter how large or small. For this particular treatment, our licensed inspectors will apply whichever registered termiticide they think will best suit your particular needs to any bare, unpainted wood in your attic. This part is crucial to making sure the treatment is fully effective. If the wood is covered by anything like paint, varnish, stains, or anything else of that nature, the treatment won’t be as potent because it isn’t able to really seep into the deepest sections of the wood where the most vulnerable area lies, and it will all be for naught. Because of this, you want to make sure the wooden areas being treated are bare and porous so that this will not be an issue. If you do need to treat an area that has been treated, stained, varnished, or otherwise coated, all is not lost. It is possible to sand down the area in order to make it porous, which will allow the attic blast treatment to really infiltrate the nooks and crannies.


How Attic Blast Works


Once the area has been prepped accordingly and precautions have been taken to ensure full power, we’ll use our special treatment to make sure that the little devils are no longer able to nest and feast on the woodwork. However, if you’ve done a really great job at painting said area and the finish simply cannot be removed, an alternative option is to drill-and-fill the affected areas. What happens in this situation is that holes are drilled into the sections that need to be treated, they’re filled with termiticide, and are then sealed. We want to make sure that we hit them where it hurts when we apply the treatment so that they are out of sight and out of mind.


Affordable Termite Control Works


With Affordable Termite Control, we make sure that we are thorough and not cutting corners when it comes to full attic coverage. When we come out, it’s go big or go home. Our rigs are set up with large treatment tanks that will take care any size attic, and we have yet to come across one that we weren’t equipped for. These little heathens will go to any lengths to wreak havoc on your home, and we want to make sure that when we do a job, it’s done right. This is an excellent way to control these pests, and while having termites in your home can be a frustrating situation, we want to make sure that you’re satisfied with the services we provide so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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