Termite Treatment

Affordable Termite Control Local Treatments


When we arrive, we work to locate any areas where termite activity has taken place. Aside from just identifying whether or not you have termites, we look for construction details landscaping that may provide easy access for termite infiltration so that we can make sure to target these areas and point out places that may need reinforcing to prevent recurring infestations. As much as we love coming out to help people, we would prefer to not need to do so on a regular basis.


We offer several types of Termite Control Treatments

  • Wall Foam Treatment
  • Slab Pressure Treatment
  • Attic Blast Treatment


Once we’ve determined that local treatment is the best option for your specific situation and we’ve located the little menaces and their nests, our technicians will administer a registered termiticide into their dwellings that will circulate through the infested areas, which will not only kill the termites that are already there but will leave residue to help prevent them from returning in the future to these areas.


This is where local treatment can be a great alternative to fumigation. While fumigation does do a great job of eradicating problem pests from your home, once the dust settles and the fog clears, there’s nothing stopping future generations from making a comeback with a vengeance. This doesn’t even factor in the added hassle of you, your pets, and your plants having to be out of your home for 24 to 72 hours while your home is tented, sealing up any foods or drinks (even pet foods, cosmetics, and dental products!), and possibly having to rake gravel or mulch away from the house’s foundation for tent placement. All of that with the exorbitant cost can make fumigation a nightmare for anyone, which is why we offer treatment services that cause minimal disruption to your daily life while preventing the return of these winged beasts.

Following Termite Treatment


Once we’ve done the treatment, while our termiticide does have a lasting impact, there are things you can do as well for added protection:

  • Place screens throughout the house, including on windows and doors, to prevent termite kings and queens from entering the home, to begin with.
  • If you utilize firewood in any capacity, store it in a place away from your home so that you aren’t tempting fate.
  • If you have the ability to replace your wooden furniture or are simply looking for an excuse to redecorate, going with bald cypress or Spanish cedar, which are naturally termite-resistant, can go a long way in preventing termite damage.
  • If you have wooden landscaping features, such as a patio, that are up against your home, moving these away from the house, or even better yet, just completely doing away with these and opting for a less pest-friendly structure, can do wonders for preventing damage to your home.


In doing this, you are investing in prevention methods that will protect your home for years to come.


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