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We are experts in providing quality termite damage repair in Orange County, CA. Termites are known for producing major damage to homes, oftentimes resulting in several thousands of dollars for repairs. In most cases, a termite damage repair claim is not covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy. Discovering termite damage in your home is upsetting, but finding a professional pest control company to handle the termite damage repair inside your home will certainly help.

There are many signs one might notice that indicate termite damage repair is necessary. These include:

• Ceilings and walls buckling
• Water spots or water damage in the house
• Wooden structures with designs on them that appear to look like a maze
• Appearance of mud tunnels on the foundation of the home
• Visual signs of swarming termites

When you notice these signs, it usually means the termite problem has existed for quite some time. It also indicates a thriving colony of termites is currently active. When termite damage is in the advanced stages, it can compromise the structural base of the home and might even lead to floors and walls collapsing. Alternatively, if the damages have not yet reached the structure base, your home might still experience damage to the carpet, furniture, flooring, and walls. Whether the damages are aesthetic or structural, immediate termite damage repairs should occur before the condition of the home worsens.

Additionally, homeowners can first call a local termite specialist to confirm if there are indeed termites, the extent of infestation and if there is a risk of further infestation. Sometimes another contractor can spot a problem, for instance, this Phoenix power washing company saved a homeowner during a routine cleaning job.

A termite inspector can propose services to help with your infestation problem and offer suggestions as preventatives. The inspector can make sure all damages are accounted for and make sure you know exactly what needs repairing. Taking immediate steps to repair the problem can save you more money in the long run.

With preventative treatments and annual termite inspections, some termite damages can be easily repaired. Identifying areas around your home that might cause it to be more vulnerable to termites is important. Some of the more common places to inspect for termites include:


• crawl spaces
• decks
• woodpiles close to the home
• around dead trees or shrubs
• wall voids inside and outside the house
• around any loose paneling
• any areas with a lot of moisture

Applying a timbor treatment is one way to fight termites. A timbor treatment works well on infestations of termites by releasing a poison that slowly affects the termites stomach. Once ingested, the termites will die. Timbor comes in a powder and is mixed with water and sprayed or injected under pressure. In most cases, just two doses of timbor applied to bare wood, decks, bushes, rafters, and siding will be enough of a preventative measure.

In some cases, although rare, a home can be beyond repair if left untreated for too many years. One specific species of termite, the Formosan termite, is the most destructive of all. They are found in coastal areas and around the southern U.S. A large colony of Formosans can cause major damage to a home left untreated in just two years.

Other types of termites take several years to cause complete damage. In most cases, a homeowner is aware of some activity before it is too late to fix. As a colony of termites matures, signs become visible to the homeowner. Having periodic inspections by a termite inspector helps owners discover infestations while the damage is still minimal and repair costs are relatively low.

There are different ways to repair damages to wood by termites:

• replacing the damaged sections of wood only or
• affixing a wooden support adjacent to the existing damaged wood.

Usually, the repairs are less costly and easier by adding wooden support to the damaged areas. If damage is not extensive our crews are able to save you the cost of hiring a reputable handyman. This works for most structural and non-structural areas. When a repair requires structural support, it becomes complicated. It is imperative that temporary support always be used to preserve the integrity of the home while repairs are ongoing. Reach out to local contractors to obtain estimates before making repairs.

Termite repairs are tricky, costly, and complicated. Nonetheless, leaving damaged wood without the proper support or unrepaired is dangerous for a home. When a termite infestation is noticed, take immediate action by calling a professional for help. Additionally, implement preventative actions to keep further infestations from occurring.

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