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When you are a homeowner, you can’t take care of maintenance items unless you become aware of an issue. Unfortunately, the typical person remains clueless regarding the extent of their termite damage.

Without a certified termite inspection, you can only hope for the best and pray they leave your house alone. However, because these pests get drawn to hot, humid regions, it means that most homes in Orange County CA remain at risk.

Thankfully, you can always call Affordable Termite Control for the best in termite company services. Whether you need a better application of termite control options or just need better peace of mind, our experienced technicians remain ready for your call.

Since 1997, we’ve provided better termite treatment solutions that anyone else around. Contact us for your convenient and affordable termite inspection and keep your home safer for less.


Termite Pest Control


Choosing us means giving your house the best protection possible against pests that will eat your property from the inside out. No matter where you are in your termite prevention journey, we remain the qualified choice every day.

No other termite companies achieve the lasting defense that we do on every job. When you have one service provider who locates, removes, and keeps pests from returning, it means lasting relief and defense from harm.

Choose our company today for all your termite pest control needs and save more on better quality. We can best assist you every day with expert service options, including:

  • Free Termite Home Inspections
  • Termite Soil Treatments
  • Preventative Maintenance Options
  • Termite Tenting & Fumigation
  • Termite Wood Damage Repairs
  • And more pest control solutions.

No one else around keeps you safer from invasive termites as our experienced service team does daily. Give your house the highest level of defense possible against pests and call us today.

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Termite Inspections


Most people believe that if you don’t see bugs, then you’re safe. However, by the time they puncture through walls, they may have already spread throughout your home.

Our thorough inspection process leaves nothing unturned, and if you have evidence of infestations, we will locate them. By inspecting your attics, crawlspaces, basements, and even the soil, we can best advise you on what actions to take.


Soil Treatments


When termites live in your backyard, it means that they are likely burrowing under your home where you can’t see them. We can treat your soil where colonies get formed, attacking them directly at the source.

Topical spray treatments aren’t enough because they don’t take out the bugs in charge of hatching new ones. By targeting those left behind in the nest, we can give you the best chance at clearing them all away.


Termite Prevention


Termites tend to swarm in autumn, but they can pose a threat virtually any time. And because much of the Orange County area retains a consistent temperature, your home remains at risk each month.

By using a preventative formula around your home, we can better prevent termites from striking again. When combined with annual safety inspections, pests will never stand a chance.


Termite Fumigation


There are some cases where your termites have progressed too far already, and the only thing you can do is go all out in your fight against pests. When that time arrives, you likely have no choice but to agree to whole home tenting and fumigation.

By sealing your house from the outside, we fill your home with a powerful pest fog that penetrates through walls, ceilings, and floors. No matter how deeply they may have borrowed, they won’t survive fumigation treatment.


Termite Damage Repairs


Even if bugs had just begun eating through a specific section of wood surfaces, it likely needs to get ripped out and repaired. Unfortunately, going through a construction contractor is often not the best way to go.

Not only will they struggle in getting into your harder to reach areas, but they’ll charge more for simple repair needs. Instead, we are already in the spaces where you’ve had pests, and we will quickly repair all of your damaged wood items.


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We remain your best choice in complete termite control solutions that discovers, removes, and prevents them from returning. From free home inspections to better pest control applications, we keep your house safer for less every month.

Contact us today for your best protection possible against termites and prevent substantial damages from occurring. No one defends your home like the experienced technicians at Affordable Termite Control can.