Termite Control in Irvine

Termite Treatment 

Irvine, despite consistently being considered one of the top places to live in the United States suffers from Termites just as much as any other city which is why Irvine Termite Treatment is one of the most commonly searched terms used to find our business. From the numerous employers and universities that the town attracts to the thriving local film industry, there is plenty to attract visitors from around the world here.

Unfortunately, the attraction doesn’t end with humans, and you probably have pesky visitors around or inside of your home that you hadn’t even realized. Termites in Irvine are a common pest in our community, and they can quickly grow destructive.

Whether you can’t remember the last time that you treated your home for pests, or you need to save on termite control options, there’s no one better suited for your call than Affordable Termite Control. We’ve continued helping more area residents in staying safer for longer since 1997.

When you need the most experienced technicians and lower pricing on more termite services, you need us working for you now. Contact us today to requires your free termite inspection and save more on better quality of treatments.


Termite Control 


We offer total service coverage throughout the villages, assisting more homeowners throughout the community than anyone else. When you need to save on convenience, we can best help you every day.

You no longer need to worry about longer response times when you use a local termite control provider in Irvine. We save you more than any national franchise, and we always go the mile to make sure we offer you the best service.

Wherever your home may be, we have a service technician already working there. Call today for better termite control in Irvine and the surrounding communities. Below are some of our most frequented areas in Irvine.

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  • El Camino Glen
  • College Park
  • El Camino Real
  • Irvine Spectrum
  • Harvard Square
  • Old Towne Irvine
  • Portola Springs
  • Rancho San Joaquin
  • University Town Center
  • Woodbury East
  • Racquet Club
  • Quail Hill
  • And the surrounding communities.
You don’t need to remain afraid of termite infestations when a better quality of help is a phone call away. Contact our team for your best options in total termite pest control services.


Free Termite Inspections


How many times how you thought that you heard crunching behind your walls, but you didn’t call an inspector because you’re afraid of what it might cost? However, without knowing if you have termites, you might be ignoring hundreds of dollars in repair needs.

Whether you remain confident that you have termites, or you still aren’t sure, there’s a better way to handle your needs that keeping your head in the sand. When you call us to inspect your home, you can enjoy our expert quality of service free of charge.

We believe that the inspection period should be where homeowners get billed, especially when they have extensive repairs to complete. Instead, we can thoroughly look for any warning signs of trouble and then offer better advice on how to react.

If you need wood termite damage repairs, monthly treatments, or complete fumigation, we can assist you with those service items as well. It’s all a part of our most affordable and effective treatment plans for your home.


Why Do I Have Termites?


Unfortunately, some communities remain better suited for pests to move in than others. Termites love hot, humid weather, making our coast a top target.

And because nearly all construction contains wood, it means your home is a convenient target. If left ignored, however, it wouldn’t take them long to ruin your home.

You deserve a fast and affordable way to prevent the spread of termite damages in your home without fear of out of pocket costs. Call Affordable Termite Control today for your best pest treatment options for less.