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From thrilling annual races at the Grand Prix of Long Beach to tours of the RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach CA remains a unique place to live. With daily trips to the sandy beaches and plenty of shopping opportunities, it can feel as if this as close to perfect as it gets.

However, termites also find the call of the ocean impossible to ignore as well. They get drawn to areas with lots of heat and humid, like those homes built near the sea.

Because of how common these pests continue being, Affordable Termite Control continues helping more area residents every day. Since 1997, we have continued providing ways of removing and preventing more pests from appearing.

If we currently are not working in your home, then you aren’t doing enough to prevent termites from taking over. Contact us today for your free home inspection, as well as the best in complete termite control services.


Long Beach Termite Company


Long Beach stays the 2nd largest city in the state and among the most populated throughout the county. How can you ever hope to find one company who can handle all of your needs in such a bustling community?

Our technicians remain hard at work throughout the city, delivering a better quality of protection to more homeowners. No matter where in the community you continue residing, we may already be servicing your next-door neighbors.

Don’t waste time with service providers that need to commute in from LA or Anaheim. Instead, enjoy faster service for less throughout the region, including:

  • North Long Beach
  • Bixby Knolls
  • Cal Heights
  • Lakewood Village
  • West Side
  • Alamitos Beach
  • Belmont Shore
  • Marina Pacifica
  • Leisure World
  • Rose Park South
  • Bluff Park
  • South of Conant
  • And more area communities.

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We strive to offer as many homeowners as possible the level of care and quality that they deserve on all our professional service options. Contact us today to experience the best defense possible against termites.


Termite Services Long Beach


You may have hired a termite service company before, but they likely didn’t do much to keep your house safe. After only ten minutes, they have already left, and you aren’t sure what it is that you’ve paid for them to do.

Many companies rush through your home, firing off a liquid spray that only treats your floors and walls. When your termites are living several feet underground, it’s not going to do a thing in getting them to leave.

Instead, you need a termite treatment plan that reaches far inside your home, as well as around the outside, to get rid of current pests and prevent more from appearing. Contact us for your best choice in total home termite protection with:

  • Free Home Inspections
  • Soil Termite Treatments
  • Termite Prevention for New Construction
  • Scheduled Termite Spraying
  • Tent Fumigation Service
  • Termite Wood Repairs
  • And more professional termite control solutions.
Whether you know a specific area of focus or just need them all handled quickly, we always have the best option for any situations that you currently have. Call today and start fighting back against invasive termites.


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You never need to worry about getting what you pay for with our free home inspections. Termites cause thousands of dollars in property repairs annually, and you deserve to know if you are safe or not.

We believe in informing homeowners of their situation without shaking them down for money. Instead, we provide a free initial inspection and affordable treatment services.

Contact us for your best termite inspector as well as lasting protection for you. Choose Affordable Termite Control today.