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Whether it’s the excellent school system, the thriving business community or the scenic lakes that caught your eye, there is plenty to enjoy about living in Lake Forest, CA. However, your home may remain at risk of harm, and the source is right under your nose.

The hot coastal weather of our region is known to attract swarms of mosquitoes each September. And once they find a suitable spot to start a nest, they’ll begin eating any wood surfaces that they can see.

Unfortunately, that is likely going to be your home that they target, and they can munch for months without you knowing it. That is why you need the best in local termite control services with Affordable Termite Control.

Since 1997, we’ve helped protect more area homes from their termite infestations with better methods of detection, extermination, and preventative measures. Keep your home safer for less with our team of experienced termite technicians.


Termite Services Lake Forest


Many residents make the mistake of ignoring their pest control maintenance needs because they don’t see any bugs. However, termites remain out of sight deep within your house’s walls, ceilings, and floors.

They also congregate in harder to access areas like attics, basements, and crawlspaces where most residents don’t enter unless they must. As a result, you may currently have extensive termite damage and remain unaware of it.

If you don’t remember when you last had a safety inspection, or you suspect that you have pests now, you need us to arrive immediately to assist you. Contact us for all your termite control services, including:

  • Free Termite Inspection
  • New Construction Wood Pretreatment
  • Exterior Soil Treatment
  • Preventative Care & Maintenance
  • Home Tented Fumigation
  • Damaged Wood Repairs
  • And more professional termite service options.

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We help protect you better from each stage of homeownership, keeping you safer for less every day. See why more area residents depend on us over any other service provider around.


Why Choose Us?


There are numerous options in termite inspectors and extermination companies in the community, so why choose our team? For more than 21 years of continued industry experience, we’ve helped countless homeowners in defending their property for less.

We remain passionate about saving you more, knowing that termites cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year. From free initial termite inspections to lower pricing on continued preventative measures, no one provides a better quality of assistance than our team does daily.

Our experienced termite technicians know how to comb every crevice of your property, making sure that no bugs are nibbling on your house. And because we use several pest control techniques, we provide the best chance possible of chasing termites away and keeping them gone for good.

When you need to see that you’re getting the highest value possible on long-lasting protection, you can still rely on us to keep your house better defended for less. Call Affordable Termite Control today for your free home inspection and keep termites away now.

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