Termite Control Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Termite Control


Whether it’s the hip shopping destinations, the outdoor hiking trails of Fairview Park, or the lively annual fairs, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Costa Mesa CA. However, did you know that the city is also a prime area for termites to spread?

If you’ve never noticed damaged in your home or you’ve tangoed with termites in the past, nearly all homes remain at risk in the area. Unfortunately, much of these pests’ activities hide behind walls, flooring, and ceilings, making it difficult to realize that they’re there until it’s too late.

Since 1997, Affordable Termite Control has provided the best in total termite protection for more area homeowners. When you need to save on pest control options for your house, you need experienced service technicians and affordable pricing on all your defensive measures.

We offer free termite inspections, preventative maintenance, tent fumigations and more to continue shielding your home for longer. Call us today to give your household the highest quality of protection possible.


Costa Mesa Termite Prevention


We strive for convenient service throughout the area, helping you save time, money, and frustrations every day. When you need to know that you have a local service technician in your neighborhood, it means less waiting around for someone to appear.

Calling a contractor service is rarely a simple process, but we do our best to shorten our arrival windows for each request that we receive. You’ll find us hard at work all throughout the community, keeping more of your friends and neighbors free from termites.

When you need a higher quality of service, lower costs, and more timely arrivals, you won’t find a better service provider than us. Contact us for your best termite control options throughout:

  • Westside Costa Mesa
  • East Side Costa Mesa
  • Santa Ana Heights
  • College Park
  • Mesa Del Mar
  • Monticello Community
  • And more area neighborhoods.
Why pay more for national franchises that take forever to show up from outside the city? Instead, we can offer you a more convenient alternative every day.

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Termite Services Costa Mesa


With many termite control companies, they show up once every few months, spray a solution on surfaces, and then leave. However, that isn’t enough to keep termites out, especially if they have already made their way indoors.

Instead, you need a company that provides lasting protection each time. We offer several different methods of pest control solutions that keep you shielded from harm.

Whatever you need for your home we guarantee the best quality of service possible on every visit. Give your house the defense it deserves with:

  • Free Termite Inspection
  • New Construction Pretreatment
  • Termite Soil Control
  • Scheduled Prevention Sprays
  • Home Tented Fumigation
  • Termite Wood Damage Repairs
  • And more professional control options.
No one else provides a better level of protection to as many different areas of your home as we do daily. Keep your house safer from top to bottom with a better class of termite control services with Affordable Termite Control helping you.
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