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With views of the Santa Ana River and a short distance to Anaheim area attractions, there is plenty to enjoy about residing in the City of Orange, CA. However, there is something less pleasant that also loves moving in.

Termite colonies thrive in hot, humid weather, making your home a primary target. However, unless you have an annual termite inspection performed by a qualified service provider, you won’t know that they are there until it’s too late.

Since 1997, Affordable Termite Control has remained the trusted choice in complete termite pest control options. We have helped countless area homeowners save more on the services that they need the most.

When you need to know that your house remains safe from hungry termites, no one provides better protection than us our or our lowest pricing. Contact us now for a free termite inspection and start defending your home against pests.


City of Orange Termite Services


Your best team of experienced termite control technicians offer our top services throughout the city. No matter where you reside, you’ll find us to be the convenient and reliable choice every day.

If you discover termites inside of your house, it means that they have already been taking chunks out of your property for a while. There’s no way of knowing just how bad the results are unless you have us inspect the area.

When you need better termite protection now, you can’t afford to wait around all day for your technician to arrive. Instead, you can enjoy faster response times from your local pest control experts throughout:

  • Old Towne and The Historic District
  • Orange Park Acres
  • Orange Hills
  • El Modena
  • Northwest
  • North Anaheim Junction
  • Villa Park
  • And the surrounding area neighborhoods.
No one else provides faster, more dependable termite control contractors like our team does daily. Receive the level of quality and protection that your home deserves and contact us today.

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City of Orange Termite Inspections


Most pest control experts agree that for lasting defense from damages, you must have a safety inspection performed at least once every year. That way your technician can compare how it appeared, and the way it looks today.

Unfortunately, many homeowners avoid contracting a pest control service because they are worried about the potential costs. However, when you hire us for your home, it means receiving an in-depth termite inspection offered for free, saving you more on pest detection.


Termite Soil Treatment


Although termites eat wood, they often don’t live where they consume. They naturally gravitate towards areas of soil where they can dig deep underground, where they stay far away from predators, weather, and other hazards.

However, even underneath your flower beds, shrubs, and other plants, they won’t remain safe from us. We can use a deep-reaching soil treatment that attacks the colony without harming your yards.


Tent Fumigation City of Orange


Tent fumigation is an older technique that still gets the job done, especially when you need to act quickly to remove termites now. By enclosing your home in a thick tent and sealing off the doors and windows, there will be nowhere for your pests to run when the fog gets blown inside.

Fumigation aggressively treats your entire home by penetrating through drywall, flooring, and ceilings. No matter where you have termites, they won’t escape your most efficient tented fumigation.


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