The foundations are crucial for houses, especially wood-built ones.

Termites, which feed on wood, are the main pests homeowners must fight each year. Termites are small and difficult to see in the daylight, however. There are many signs that indicate a home is infested.

Here are some :

Stuck Windows and Doors :

Termites are known to eat wood and it is all around houses. They can not only ruin the timber, but also cause damage. Termites love to chew on wooden doors and windows, and can even make them stick open when they get inside your home. Cracks are created when termites chew through a door or window frame. These cracks enable the wind to quickly enter a house, making windows and doors stickier.

Wallpaper or paint damaged :

Termites will often seek out weak points in a house when they get inside it. The exterior of a house is where termites are most likely to attack. There is no protection or insulation. Termites are most likely to attack a home’s exterior. This includes the trim, wooden decks and fences. Termites will start eating every piece of wood that comes in direct contact with your house once they have reached the exterior. Your house will look old and worn due to termites eating wallpaper and paint.

Discarded wings :

Termites can be found outside your home eating all the wood. After they finish, termites return to your house and take their wings with them. There will be termite wings left on the ground around your home. You will find that the wings are quite dusty when you take them off.

Mud Tubes :

Termites, which are small insects, usually emerge from their nests at night. Because they are so small, they only emerge one at a given time. They are small and do not know where they are going so they make mud tubes, tubes made from mud that help them find food sources. If you find mud tubes around your home, it’s a sign that termites are infesting your home.

Dirt Mounds :

Termites love light. Termites will fly around your home at night, so they are often visible from outside. They fly around your house until they find the best place to eat. They dig holes in the ground when they find food sources. These holes are the entrance point for the next generation termites to emerge. Termites can also be found in dirt mounds around your home.

Termite Droppings :

Termites can infest your home if you see small, white pellets around it. These are termites’ droppings. Termites usually leave their droppings in one line or row. If you see such pellets close to your house, it is likely that termites are present.


To get rid of termites, it is best to hire a professional exterminator. You can try to do it yourself but you might miss some termites.

Calling a professional exterminator is the best way to get rid of termites.

Termites can be dangerous insects. They can quickly infest your home and can be very destructive. Once they have established themselves, it may take many years to exterminate them. A termite inspection is the best way to protect your home from termites. Knowing the signs of termite infestation will save you money and stress.

We provide pest control services such as termite soil treatment to homeowners who want to eliminate termites from their homes. You can get a quote through our website and have a termite-free house immediately.

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