Learn how to quickly get rid of termites. These are the steps to get rid of termites fast.

How to eliminate termites

Termites can cause severe damage to your house. They can be a troublesome pest because they can cause severe damage to your home and are notoriously difficult for you to eradicate. It is important to take action immediately if you see any signs of termites or wood-chewing insects. Here are some ways to eliminate termites.

Pinpoint and deal with the Nest to get rid of termites in your house

You need to find the termite nest. This is where professional pest services can be very useful. They have the imaging technology and other tools necessary to locate termites. After the nest has been located, you can place bait traps to inflict the queen and workers. To get the best results, place the traps where termites are most likely to be found.

Seal Entry Points

Seal any entry points into your home. Inspect your crawlspace, attic insulation and basement. Check for cracks, gaps and any other indications that termites might be entering your home. Take a look at your foundation to find any cracks or entry points. All gaps around wires and pipes that enter your home must be sealed.

You can create a barrier around your home

Remember that defense is just as important as offense when dealing with termites. You can spray a second type of termite poison into a channel you make around your home. It creates a barrier that repels termites and kills them.

Do not give termites any reason to come back

All debris must be kept away from your home, deck, and foundation. Firewood should be stored at least two to three feet from your home. Even other debris can attract termites, especially if it is piled up close to your home or any connected structures.

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