History Of Laguna Niguel, CA

Located near the beautiful coastal city of Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel is one of the most coveted residential communities in Orange County. With an estimated population of over 66,000 residents, the city is ranked as one of the fastest-growing communities in Southern California. The location of Laguna Niguel near both the pacific coast and the picturesque San Joaquin Hills make it a beautiful city with a lot to offer to its residents and visitors.

History has it that the original inhabitants of the area that became the city of Laguna Niguel were the Acjachemem, ingenious people whose village is alleged to have been located near the conflux of Sulphur Creek and Aliso Creek. The latter is said to have been the borderline between the Tongva and the Acjachemem native territories. When the Spanish colonialists arrived in 1700s, they established Mission San Juan Capistrano near modern-day Laguna Niguel to lure the Acjachemem tribesmen to Christianity. However, the entire Mission’s land was subdivided into small private tracts of lands when the Mexicans took over Alta California.

Rancho Niguel was the name of the Laguna Niguel land grant which was issued to a former Spanish soldier by the name Juan Avila in 1842. Avila remained the rightful owner of the land throughout the Mexican–American War until 1865 when a great drought devoured his ranch and left him bankrupt. It is at this point that two American investors stepped in and bought several ranches including Rancho Niguel from the struggling Spanish and Mexican farmers. In the years that followed, the Rancho Niguel area became a popular sheep ranching area. It was also from a section of this ranch that famous footballer George Capron would later establish the Capron Ranch.

When the construction of Interstate 5 was completed in the 1950s, the need for affordable residential properties workers near Los Angeles County increased significantly. As such, Orange County experienced a housing boom. The Laguna Niguel area was consequently acquired by a local property development company for development as a planned community. From the start, the new community was intended to be self-sustaining with its own complete set of amenities. The community developed gradually over the years and was incorporated as a city in 1989 under the name Laguna Niguel.

Today, the city continues to develop into a prominent family-friendly residential community with beautiful neighborhoods, modern amenities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The city is also an education hub with around twenty education institutions.

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