Anaheim is a city spanning an area of 50.5 square miles in the heart of Orange County. With a fast-growing population which was estimated to be approximately 352,005 people in 2018, the city is one of the largest and most densely populated metropolises in Orange County and the State of California as a whole. Over the years, Anaheim city has been caught in a rapid wave of development, mostly due to its location near Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Los Angeles. The name of the city was coined from joining in two independent words; Ana which was borrowed from the Santa Ana River and heim which is a German term meaning home.

Anaheim was established in the late 1850s by a group of fifty German-Americans who were residents of San Francisco. The group was originally looking to buy a land where they would establish a vineyard and a winery. Drawn to the Anaheim area by its picturesque beauty, the group, then known as the Anaheim Vineyard Company, purchased a total of 1,165 at a price of $2 per acre.

In the 25 years that followed its establishment, Anaheim became one of the fastest-growing communities and the largest wine producer in the entire California area. The first building in the newly established community was a school. However, the entire industry was rendered useless by a disease that destroyed all the grape vines between 1884 and 1885. The company swiftly switched to fruits and vegetable farming with lemons, walnuts, and oranges becoming some of their most prominent products.

Over the years, Anaheim has changed and developed into an industrial center. The city’s economy is primarily based on products ranging from canned fruits and aircraft parts to electronic parts. However, the main driving force behind the city’s thriving economy is still tourism. Disneyland is the most popular attraction in the city. Disneyland is also surrounded by numerous hotels and resorts and retail stores.

Anaheim also has its fair share of amenities including parks and open spaces for any sort of recreational activity as well as golf courses and swimming pools that attract people from all over the globe. There are also a number of fun annual and one-time events and programs that are hosted by the city. In a nutshell, Anaheim is a great place for families and individuals looking to enjoy a wide range of fun and activities while still residing in a somewhat laid back community on the coast of California.


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