Famous People From Santa Ana, CA

With a population of over 330,000 residents according to a 2018 population survey, Santa Ana is one of the largest and most populated cities both in California and the United States at large. The city’s great amenities, modern infrastructure, and well-established neighborhoods make it a prime residential location for families and middle working class people. Since time immemorial, Santa Ana has been the proud home of many famous politicians, sportsmen and women, actors, musicians, actresses, and writers. Below is a detailed list of the most famous residents and former residents of Santa Ana, CA:

Jose Luis Correa

Correa is a prominent politician who was born in Anaheim city and currently lives in Santa Ana. He has served in several capacities within the State of California including the State’s Senate and Orange County’s supervision board. He is currently the representative of the 46th congressional district of California.

Dinah Jane Milika Ilaisaane Hansen

Professionally known as Dinah Jane, Hansen is an accomplished singer who rose to fame during her time as a member of the now-defunct Fifth Harmony girl group. Hansen was born in Santa Ana into a family of musicians and is said to have been inspired to pursue music by the likes of Beyoncé and Mariah Carey. Since leaving Fifth Harmony, she has released one single music track and one extended play. Hansen currently lives in Los Angeles.

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer is a highly decorated actress and film producer who was born in Santa Ana, CA. She rose to fame through her successful role in Scarface where she was portrayed as Elvira Hancock. She also delivered sensational performances in many other highly rated films including The Fabulous Baker Boys, Married to the Mob, Batman Returns, and Love Field among others. Apart from winning the Golden Globe Award, Pfeiffer has been nominated for several other world-class awards on multiple occasions.

Michael Bakari Jordan

Jordan is an American actor who recently played the role of ruthless supervillain Erik Killmonger in the award-winning Black Panther film. Jordan who was born in Santa Ana has also featured in several other notable films and television productions including Fruitvale Station, The Wire, and the Fantastic Four. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Other famous people who have at one point or another life in the picturesque Santa Ana city include soccer player Christian Ramirez, musician Manuela Budrow, and actress Diane Keaton just to mention a few.

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