There are many top tourist destinations on the coast of California and Newport Beach is one of them. This beautiful community offers a lot of fun activities, miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful weather and a rich cultural heritage. The city attracts vacationers from all over the world. Apart from all the fun activities, the city is home to some top-of-the-line neighborhoods which act as residences and summer homes to popular people from all over the country and beyond. Below is an overview of some popular current and former residents of Newport Beach, CA:


Nicolas Kim Coppola

Popularly known as Nicolas Cage, Coppola is one of the world’s greatest movie actors of all time. He has starred in dozens of popular movies and is considered one of the best-paid actors in the movie industry. Though Coppola has numerous residences in multiple cities and countries, one of his most outstanding mansions is located in the beautiful city of Newport Beach. This multi-million piece of property features over five bedrooms and is considered one of the most expensive homes in this waterfront city.


Emma Stone

Stone is widely considered one of the most talented actresses of our generation and with her ongoing success in the film industry, it is easy to see why. Stone was born in Arizona but relocated with her parents to Los Angeles at 14 to pursue her acting career which, as she says, was her childhood dream. They later moved to Newport Beach where her father bought a house. After a run of frustrating auditions, Stone managed to make a breakthrough in 2004 when she was awarded a role in a musical sitcom which remains unsold to date. She made her first film appearance in 2007 in “Superbad.” Since then, she has come a long way to being the recipient of top awards including the coveted Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in “Easy A.” Despite her rise to stardom, she still spends most of her free time at her parents’ home in Newport Beach.


Gunnar Gehl

Last on the list is Gunnar Gehl, an up and coming pop musician who was born and raised in Newport Beach. Formerly a professional surfer, Gehl turned to music in 2017 and went on to release his first single track “Ocean Blue” the following year. He also sings covers for popular musicians including Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendes and was featured for PrettyMuch’s performances during the North American Funktion Tour. Kobe Bryant is also a resident of Newport Beach, living in the exclusive Newport Coast area of the city.



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