Huntington Beach popularity comes from its many tourist attraction and friendly weather but it’s worth noting that there is more to this beach community than just the great attractions and fun activities. For starters, the city has a thriving downtown business district featuring all kind of business from startups to multi-milling corporations. The city also has several other smaller commercial and industrial districts, numerous prominent neighborhoods, high-profile hotels, and well-established restaurants.

Huntington Beach’s real estate industry is mostly associated with the rich folk which is not always the case. However, the city does have a long list of very popular and influential people who at one point or another lived within the city’s premises. Below is a list of some of the most popular people from Huntington Beach, CA and what they are known for:


Lauren German

German is a popular actress who has starred in numerous films and television productions including several high-profile movie series like CBS’s Hawaii Five-0, NBC’s Chicago Fire and Fox’s Lucifer among others. German was born in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach in 1978 and though not one of the most decorated actresses of our time, her numerous roles in various films and television productions have made her a popular icon in her home town and the film industry at large. Lauren German still resides in her home city, Huntington Beach, in California.


Ethan Philan Randall

Popularly known as Ethan Embry, Randall is a renowned television and film actor who was born in Huntington Beach in the late 1970s. He featured prominently in Sneaky Pete as  Pete Murphy,  Empire Records as Mark,  Vegas Vacation as “Rusty”, and  Once Upon a Time as Greg Mendell. He also stared in Eagle Eye, Brotherhood, and The Walking Dead among other television productions.


Eva Angelina

Commonly known by her stage name Evangeline, Angelina is a prominent adult film actress, feature dancer, and an up-and-coming real estate agent. She was born in Huntington Beach and was recently named by a popular international men’s magazine as one of the top female adult film actresses of all time.


Iris Kyle

Last on the list is Iris Kyle, the most prominent bodybuilder in the history of bodybuilding and a former resident of Huntington Beach. She has recorded the most wins in bodybuilding contest during her career including being a ten-time Ms. Olympia champion, a seven-time Ms. International, and a two-time heavyweight champion. Though she is no longer a resident of Huntington Beach, she co-owns a popular local gym by the name “No Mercy.”


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