Anaheim is a thriving residential and economic hub that boasts of a population of almost 340,000 people according to a 2018 survey. The thriving economy is mostly based on the tourist industry which has been booming since the construction of the world’s first Disneyland theme park in 1955. The high livability, great amenities and strategic location of the city near the Californian coast also play an important role in making Anaheim the leading residential community in Orange County.

Throughout its history, Anaheim city has been home to many popular people in the nation, starting with Helena Modjeska; a legendary Polish actress of the 18th century who later became a citizen of the United States. Below is a list of some of the most popular former and current residents of Anaheim, CA:


Lonzo Anderson Ball

Ball is a professional basketball player who is currently signed to the New Orleans Pelicans of New Orleans. He was born in the beautiful suburban city of Anaheim to Tina Ball and LaVar Ball, two former basketball stars. Ball gained an interest in the game at a very tender age and was a big fan of LeBron James throughout his childhood. Ball and his two brothers, LaMelo and LiAngelo, were coached by their father as kids and mostly played in the same team. Ball previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Elizabeth Montague Ryan

Ryan was an accomplished tennis player who dominated the female’s tennis arena in the 20th century. She retired with a record of 26 Grand Slam titles in various competitions played in both the U.K. and the U.S. Although she spent most of her adult life in the United Kingdom, Ryan was a native of Anaheim city. She died in 1979 at her residence in Wimbledon aged 87.


Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods

Woods is by far the greatest professional golfers to ever play the game. Born in the city of Cypress, CA, he attended Anaheim-based Western High School where he became the youngest Junior Amateur champion in the U.S. at the time. He went pro at the age of 20 and has since become the highest-ranking and most influential athletes in the world. Some of his notable honors include over ten Player of the Year titles in the PGA, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and over a dozen World Golf titles. He currently lives in Jupiter Island, FL.


Other popular sons and daughters of Anaheim city include former Miss America Angela Perez Baraquio Grey, actress Korinna Moon Bloodgood, Mayor Curt Pringle, and Stephen Hillenburg.


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