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Since its inception, Santa Ana has been home to some notable annual events and festivals that attract thousands of visitors, participants and curious onlookers every year. If you are looking for a way to interact with the locals as well as enjoy the rich cultural heritage of southern California, purpose to attend some of the annual events and festivals that take place within the city. Below is a list of some of the most celebrated annual events in and around Santa Ana, CA:

Civil War Days

Held at the Heritage Museum in Orange County’s headquarters, Civil War Days features a re-enactment of events that took place during the American civil war. The highlights of the event include canon fire displays, a section showcasing authentic Civil War artillery and weapons, and a tour of the blacksmith shop where you can engage in various interactive activities. The event takes place in August and runs for two days.


This is a one of a kind annual event held at the just outside Santa Ana in the Mile Square Regional Park. The festival features a wide range of activities for the whole family including carnival rides, classic car shows, a beer garden, a kid’s fun zone, and live entertainment. The event is held towards the end of June and spans a period of three days.

Make Music Day

During the world’s Make Music Day, residents of Santa Ana flock the scenic Buena Park city where they are met with a wide range of fun activities and entertainment options. Apart from live music performances by regional artists and music bands, the participants also get to enjoy free wine tasting and a wide selection of beers. Although not one of the most family-friendly festivals in the region, this summer event is an ideal opportunity for romantic getaways.

Summer Suds Brewfest

Also held at the Miles Square Regional Park, Summer Suds Brewfest brings together over 100 brewers and food vendors as they look to showcase their expertise in brewing and culinary art. In addition to enjoying a wide range of craft beers and international cuisines, visitors also have the chance to be part of different competition, free beer tasting, and live entertainment.

Other notable annual events that take place in and around Santa Ana include Baroque Music Festival, A Taste of Greece, Festival of Arts and The Orange County Fair just to mention a few.

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