Located on the waterfront end of Orange County in the highly coveted Southern California region, the city of Huntington Beach is a renowned tourist destination and an attraction for millions of people and travel enthusiasts from around the globe. Over 15% of Huntington Beach is made up of water, making it the ideal holiday destination for anyone looking for plenty of water related activities, sandy beaches and lots of sunshine.

In addition to the picturesque beauty, the area’s climate is very warm and friendly which is another top reason why so many people choose to spend their holidays here. A normal day in the city starts with refreshing breezes to gently get you out of your ‘sleep mode’, while the day is filled with warmth and ¬†sunshine. Apart from the physical attractions, Huntington Beach, CA is home to numerous annual and one-time events that feature lots of fun activities, delicious food, and drink varieties and unlimited entertainment. Some of the top annual events in this beautiful coastal city are listed below.


Main Street Halloween Celebration

This is one of the many annual events that many local and visiting children kids in Huntington Beach look forward to with a smile. The event takes place at the end of October and is sponsored by the city’s Downtown Business Associations. Apart from the usual trick and treat-ing, this event takes the fun to a whole new level with kiddie rides and spooky festivities which feature things like a petting zoo, a moon bounce, pumpkin carving, Ferris wheel, and most importantly, the costume contests.



Just like the name suggests, Huntington Beach’s Oktoberfest involves a lot of eating and drinking as the locals enjoy what is considered the most diverse Oktoberfest celebration in the planet. From imported German beer varieties to tasty German cuisine and live bands from native Germany, there is nothing not to like about this event. Beer is served by beautiful short hostesses and there are lots of fun competition including the Chicken Dance and the Beer Drinking Contests among others.


4th of July Parade & Pier Festival

This is another event that attracts thousands of people to the beach area near the pier in unified celebration. The events include a running competition, an annual 4th of July Parade, and lots of festivities around the Pier. The evening brings the much-anticipated fireworks display which turns the city’s sky into a spectacle.


There are many other annual events that take place through the year including Annual Pier Swim, Summer Concerts, Huntington Beach Concours, Taste of Huntington Beach, Annual Easter Hunt and more.


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