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Affordable Termite Control is Anaheim’s leading termite company, serving the city itself and the wider Orange County area. In business since 1997 we have a solid reputation for providing a friendly, efficient service for homeowners and businesses. We provide exceptional termite pest control service at great prices, backed with a full 2 year warranty. For more information on what sets us apart from the competition, please browse the rest of our website or call us for immediate help!

Every year, area homeowners spend thousands of dollars repairing the damages that termites left behind on their property. Worst still are those who had to abandon their dream house and move somewhere different after pests destroyed their residence. Before your house gets condemned from hungry termites, you need the best in local extermination services. Call Affordable Termite Control today to give your home the trusted choice in termite protection solutions.

Scheduling Free Termite Inspections

One of the more challenging aspects of finding someone to hire for your termite inspection is locating someone within the community for help. All too often, you’re stuck waiting for hours for a contractor to commute in, and they usually arrive well after their estimated time slot.

Instead, we provide our best service options throughout the city, assisting as many residents as we can with affordable pest control solutions. You no longer must rely on expensive national franchises again when we help you save more on every service call.

See why more local homeowners depend on our team over any other company around. We offer full community coverage for any termite control needs throughout:

  • Yorba Linda
  • Anaheim Hills
  • Anaheim Resort
  • Downtown Anaheim
  • Little Arabia
  • Little Gaza
  • Atwood
  • Platinum Triangle
  • West Anaheim
  • Knotts Berry
  • Southwest Anaheim



Wherever you happen to live or where you find termite evidence, we’ll be there to take care of them all quickly. When time isn’t on your side to handle your pest extermination needs, we remain the convenient solution every day.

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Inspecting Termite Infestations

Termite infestations remain among the most significant threat to homeowners, both throughout the city and across the country. In many situations, by the time that you spot one crawling out from behind your walls, the colony has already been munching on your house for weeks.

Our inspectors thoroughly search throughout your building, from the normal living areas to harder to reach spots like your attic. Once we determine whether or not there are pests, we offer our best professional advice on how to keep them away.

From there, if we believe you have a current colony that is continuing to thrive, we can use our best termite fumigation to guarantee they all leave. When you need to turn back the clock on your invasive pest problems, you need us today.

Some homeowners think that by ignoring the problem, it will go away on itself, but termites won’t leave until there’s nothing left to eat. Don’t wait until your home gets destroyed before calling us today.

Types of Termite Treatment

Attic Blast

Once you’ve had the termites removed from your home, you may be wondering what the next step is. Before you sit down and heave a sigh of relief, thinking that all of your problems are solved, it’s important to remember that, just as quickly as they were removed, termites can make a comeback like you’ve never seen. One particularly vulnerable area for this is the attic. Because it’s not a place in your home that you reside in on a regular basis, this makes it a peaceful and cozy place for them to hole up in, and there are usually plenty of excellent hiding places. The love to hide behind walls, and can leave traces that, to the untrained eye, may just appear to be water damage. Our experts, however, know to look for signs of things like drywall that is discolored and sagging, as well as wood damage that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Wall Foam

When we come out to your home while it’s fun to come in with guns a-blazin’, we know that this is a stressful time and we try to leave your home as untouched as possible, so you aren’t left dealing with a huge mess after we’ve gone. Termites are incredibly destructive and can do major property damage, and if you’ve already suffered from their effects, the last thing you need is for someone to come in and cause a need for more maintenance and repairs within your home.


Pre Treatment For New Construction

If you’re looking for a preventative measure for wooden areas such as your attic or lumber that is exposed, our licensed technicians may decide that Timbor preventative is the best solution for your needs. This can be utilized on structures that you want to have a preventative for, or items that are under construction and exposed, requiring extra care. When we come in with our termite rigs, we come prepared, with treatment tanks that can tackle any area, no matter the size.

If you’re wondering what Timbor is, it’s a special type of termiticide that is a termiticide, insecticide, fungicide, and wood preservative all rolled into one! Its special talent is protecting wood such as lumber from fungal decay and treating it to prevent termites from inhabiting it. Its powder comes from an ingredient called disodium octaborate tetrahydrate. This compound is a good choice in that it provides protection over a long period of time with no known termite resistance. It does not break down, ensuring that its effects are long-lasting. In addition, it can be drawn deeper into the surface it’s applied to over time so that it is truly protecting the wood from the inside-out. When it is sprayed onto the surface that needs to be treated, it goes down into the fibers of the wood and coats it to protect and preserve it from insects and fungi. The best part is that the Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate does not deteriorate over time, so it will provide protection to the treated area for a long time to come.


Slab Pressure Treatment

Subterranean termites build nests and mud tubes from dirt, and as such, may look like a big wet spot on the wood when they first begin to form a colony. Between their mud tubes and pellets, they can be fairly easy to identify. However, they can also cause catastrophes of epic proportions. Unlike drywood termites, they go for softer wood, typically wood that has been exposed to moisture or rot. While they are more particular than drywood termites, when they colonize, they do so in a big way, causing major destruction and wreaking havoc on your home and structures, because they are extremely aggressive and can spread within a few days. How do Termites Spread? (Stluka, 2017)


Termite Tenting

The tried and trusted method of wholly eliminating all of the pests living within your home is a complete tented fumigation process. By completely sealing off your home with a fumigation tent and administering a potent insecticide, any species of bugs indoors get taken care of fast.

Tended fumigation does render your house too dangerous to remain in, and you will need to vacate while the service gets performed. We will also discuss with you any other health considerations, including food safety and storage concerns before our appointment begins.

Some homeowners try and achieve a similar effect by purchasing fogger cans of general bug spray that they leave on until it runs out of chemicals. Not only are they coating everything that they own in toxic residue, but it’s not powerful enough to accomplish what they are trying to do. Instead, we offer the best in complete termite tenting throughout the community, keeping more local homes free from pests. If you need your infestation handled quickly by experienced professionals, contact our office today.

In and Around Anaheim

Anaheim is a large Southern California city and comprises many zip codes – 92801,92802,92803,92804,92805,92806,92807,92808,92809,92812,92814,92815,92816,92825,92831,92832,92850,92870,92880,92899.

Anaheim’s most famous landmark is without doubt the Disneyland Resort with it’s variety of shops, eateries,hotels and family friendly rides. Several professional sporting franchises are located in the city, the two most notable being the Los Angeles Angeles baseball team (home stadium being “Angel Stadium“) and the Anaheim Ducks hockey team (home arena The Honda Center).


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